Mapping Philippine Vulnerability to Environmental Disasters

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The hazard scores, exposure scores and HDI scores were normalized by setting the highest values as 100 and readjusting the rest accordingly.

Risk here distinctly represents risk to human life. As mentioned, it was computed using the UNDP framework R = H*E*V, or, in this case:

Risk = (Normalized hazard score) x (Normalized exposure score) / (Normalized HDI).

The resulting risk scores are likewise gridded. For the purpose of dissemination to local government units (LGUs), the risk scores are provincialized. The risk score for each province is the sum of the weighted contributions of all grids intersecting the province, where the weight is based on the area of the intersecting polygon. After provincializing, the risk scores are again normalized with 100 as the highest value. The results were presented in map form.

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